Prime Share Account

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Your prime savings account at KIT Federal Credit Union is your share in the credit union. You are required to maintain a minimum balance of $5.00 to establish your account and, therefore your membership. This is what makes you eligible for all of the services the credit union offers. This account is a savings account and earns dividends. 

Once your account is established, you can remain a member for life and immediate family members become eligible to join the credit union. 

Deposits to shares can be made in person, by payroll deduction, direct deposit, or by mail. You will have 24-hour access to your share account by internet (Home Banking), phone (Audio Response), debit card, ACH, or ATM. 


Checking Account Icon

Checking Account

Are you looking for a Checking Account that is free of monthly services charges and maintenance fees. And this includes a VISA Debit Card for free to add to your convenience. 

With the advantage of direct deposit of your payroll check, your social security payment, or your retirement check, you no longer have to wait in line to make a deposit and get cash back. Let your money beat you to your account, and get cash when you need it through all our convenient services. 


Money Market Icon,

Money Market Account

The KIT Money Market Account (MMA) is a dividend earning account that offers a competitive dividend rate. Compared to your savings and checking accounts, an MMA offers easy access to your funds, liquidity and a higher rate to help you reach your financial goals. Maximize your current savings plan with a KIT Money Market Account today.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Competitive dividend rates; the more you deposit, the better dividend rate you will earn.
  2. Dividends are compounded daily and credited monthly to your Money Market Account.
  3. Easy online access to your account via our secure website whenever you want.
  4. Insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF).
  5. Must maintain a minimum average daily balance of $1,000 or more to earn the high MMA rate.
  6. No service charge.

Special Savings Icon

Special Savings Account

You are always special at KIT and you can set up a Special Savings account to fit your savings needs. Accumulate funds in an account you name for insurance or college tuition and let the money accumulate until you need it. You state the reason, we keep the money separate and safe until you withdraw the funds by cash, check, or transfer to another account. Information and service is available at the office or through Audio Response and Home Banking. 


Christmas Club Account Icon

Christmas Club Account

Make Christmas easy for you. Christmas doesn't have to be a time of worry or money juggling. Save a little from each paycheck all year long and reap the fun at the Holidays. Through payroll deduction or ACH/Direct Deposit, a little turns into a big check for your Holiday shopping spree. Christmas Club Accounts earn the same rates as Prime Share Accounts. 


Vacation Club Icon

Vacation Club Account

Planning a vacation, but don't have the money? Our Vacation Club account is your answer! Use payroll deductions or ACH or Direct Deposit, this account builds throughout the year, and is available when you're ready for your vacation. 


KIT FCU Bill Payer Icon

Bill Payer Account

Set your funds aside in our Bill Payer Account and we can pay your bills for you. Use payroll deduction or ACH/Direct Deposit and build your payments from each paycheck. Give us your instructions on who to pay and when to send it and we'll take care of the rest. Make your payments the smart way, ask a Member Service Representative for all the details. 


Share Certificates Icon

Share Certificates

Share certificates let you lock-in our highest dividend rates for the term you select. Additional benefits include a low minimum balance of $500 and you can receive dividends quarterly. Share Certificates allow your extra money to grow with higher, market competitive rates. So whether you are saving for that new home, a special rainy day, or retirement, use our Share Certificate Account to make it easy.  


IRA Icon

Individual Retirement Accumulation Account (IRA)

You want to start saving in a tax-deferred account for that rainy day of leisure, but you don't have the required minimum for an IRA Certificate? KIT is here for you! Just simply set up an IRA Accumulation Account and your funds are now retirement funds. All the attributes of a savings account, but it is tax-deferred. 

Set aside funds through payroll deduction or ACH/Direct Deposit and pay yourself first to make retirement worry free. You can arrange automatic monthly transfers from checking or savings to save "painlessly" and build towards your future. 

You can leave your funds in this account or, when you saved the minimum for an IRA Certificate, request the funds to be put in an IRA Certificate at the terms that best suit you.

Retiring soon? Contact KIT today to learn about transferring your pension or 401K to a KIT IRA!