Any eligible member wishing to use KIT's services must first establish their membership by depositing at least $5 to a Prime Share (Savings) Account. To maintain services at KIT, members must keep a minimum balance of $5 in the Savings Account at all times.

There is no waiting period to join KIT. As soon as you become a member of any of the eligible groups, you can join the Credit Union and begin to enjoy the benefits of KIT membership. If you are under 18 years of age, you must contact KIT at 502.459.9286 (888.459.9286 toll free) before submitting an application to open an account.

 Membership Agreement       Membership Application

Eligible Members

There are two ways that you may be eligible to join KIT: work for a company that is one of KIT's sponsor groups; or be a relative of a KIT member.

To find out if you work for an eligible group, please click here.

Once you are a member, you may pass along membership to your immediate family, regardless of where they live or work. Family membership includes a spouse, child, sibling, parent, grandparent or grandchild. For the purpose of this definition, immediate family member includes stepparent, stepchild, step sibling, and adoptive relationships. It also includes anyone who permanently lives in your household.

Once A Member, Always A Member

No need to close account if member leaves the area. May maintain it as long as he keeps minimum of $5.00, good address, and makes at least one transaction (other than dividend posting) each year.

Verify Identification

Federal Law requires that we verify ID on anyone (member, joint owner, custodian, guardian, trustee, POA) with access to financial accounts. A Social Security/Tax ID Number , date of birth, current residential address, and a mailing address, if different, all must be verified through the federal government databases. Valid photo and signature ID must be reviewed and documented by KIT staff.