Home Equity Line-of-Credit Loan (HELOC)

Put the equity in your home to work for you. Is it time to pay college tuition for the proud parents of that high school graduate or do you want to remodel the basement to get the kids out from under foot? KIT can help you access the sleeping equity that is waiting to be of use to make your dreams a reality. This account is usually tax deductible (ask your tax professional) for added benefits to you. Access your HELOC through KIT Connect, by phoning the Office, or by stopping by at your leisure. 

Non-Purchase Money ICON

1st and 2nd Non-purchase Money Mortgage Loans (Closed-end Equity Loan)

Sometimes you want a fixed-rate loan for a singular purpose, but your Ready Cash limit isn't quite enough. Let the equity in your home work for you since you're working for it or on it everyday. We have several options for you to choose from in setting up a loan to fit your needs. It doesn't matter if you have paid off all mortgages on your home or if you want to combine a first and second mortgage to make those payments easier, let us serve you. Just contact a Loan Officer and they will work with you to make your life easier.