Invest in the Future of Your Child

Join the KIT Kids Club and unlock the lifetime value of credit union membership. Invest in the future of your child, by teaching them consistent saving habits at an early age. You'll be giving them a gift that will pay dividends for a lifetime. 

Today's kids are maturing faster and learning quicker thanks to technology. Today's parents grew up with pencils and crayons and their children use keyboards and modems. It seems as if so many things are changing. While many youngsters are light years ahead when it comes to computers, they still need to learn the importance of money management. Through special prizes, mailings, and planned events, the KIT Kids Club teaches your children valuable lessons about the importance of saving. 


Not Just Another Kids Club!

While the KIT Kids Club will teach your child the value of saving, it will also address other issues they will face in their lives like fire safety, the environment, and saying no to drugs. Your credit union is committed to protecting and educating children and the KIT Kids Club is an effective way to share some important messages. 

Upon joining the KIT Kids Club, your child will receive a KIT Kids Club card, a piggy bank, a savings transaction record book, and stickers. KIT will stamp the Super Saver Club Card every time your child makes a deposit.  WHen the card is full (after 10 deposits), KIT will match your child's next deposit (up to $10)!  When their piggy bank is full, if they bring it in and deposit the contents, we'll give them a new piggy bank to start saving again! 


Club Membership Requirements:

To enroll in the KIT Kids Club, the applicant must be eligible for credit union membership and be under the age of 12. The applicant must also open, or have, a share account with no less than a $5.00 balance.