This Fee Schedule sets forth the fees charged by KIT for using various accounts and services. Please review this information along with the Membership Agreement, , and Truth in Savings Disclosure to educate on the best accounts and services for your financial needs. The Credit Union reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of these accounts from time to time without notice to you unless provided by law.

Revised as of April 5, 2017



Membership Fee FREE

Overdraft Fee (paid or returned items) $35.00 ea.

Overdraft Transfer Fee, if transferred from other than Prime Shares $5.00 per transfer

Stop Payment Fee $15.00 ea

Stop Payment Fee (NSF in account) $35.00 ea.

Photocopy of Check Fee $3.50 ea.

Check Printing Fee - Prices Vary

ATM Card/PIN Replacement Fee $5.00 ea.

ATM Overdraft Fee $35.00 ea.

ACH NSF Fee $35.00 ea.

ACH Stop Payment Fee $15.00 ea.

ACH Stop Payment Fee (NSF in account) $35.00 ea.

Domestic Wire Transfer In Fee $5.00 ea.

Domestic Wire Transfer Out Fee $15.00 ea.

Money Order Fee $1.00 ea.

Loan Late fee: 10% of each scheduled payment past due, charged each time you pay until loan is current.

Minimum per pmt due: $25.00
Maximum per pmt due: $40.00

VISA Late Fee $35.00

Check Cashing Fee (Fee waived if account balance is $50 or more) $7.00 ea.

Official Check Fee-Member: 1st Check Free 2 or more checks $1.00 ea.

Cashier's Check Fee $10.00 ea.

Interim Statement Fee $1.00 pg.

Records Copy Fee (Statements, histories, etc.) $1.00 pg.

Returned Check Fee 

- For personal checks drawn on another financial institution - funds backed out. $35.00 ea.

Research Fee
(No charge if error by Credit Union) $25.00

Checkbook Balancing Fee
(1st time free) $25.00 hr.

Christmas Account Early Withdrawal Fee
(Prior to October 1st) $10.00 ea.

Garnishment/Levy Fee $50.00 ea.

Removing Joint Owner Fee
(Upon third occurrence and thereafter) $25.00 ea.

Loan Application Fee - Varies depending on loan.

VISA Card/PIN Replacement Fee $5.00 ea.

Dormant Account Fee $5.00/mo.


ATM Withdrawal Transaction Fee
(Per membership account)
First 4 in a calendar month FREE
Excess of 4 in a calendar month $1.50 ea.

ATM Deposits FREE

ATM/Debit Card Point-of-Sale transactions FREE

Debit Card Point-of-Sale International Transactions - 1% fee of total amount of transaction

Excessive Withdrawal Fee (per Prime Shares or Special Accounts)

First 5 in a calendar month FREE

Excess of 5 in a calendar month $5.00 each (Cash and check withdrawal transactions)

Safety NET fee $35 each